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Star Wars Rebels Games

The universe of Star Wars is vast, so as to generate parallel franchises, which is exactly the case now before us, Star Wars Rebels. Focusing on narrating the birth and the settlement of the Rebel Alliance in continuous struggle against the evil Galactic Empire, the series features a string of new and charismatic characters to find Kanan Jarrus, young and mature Jedi warrior Zeb Orrelios, Chopper pilot droid or Hera Syndulla, which owns the ship in which all these heroes travel through the universe of Star Wars Rebels willing to fight evil in all its forms, the Spirit. Along the way they must contend with terrible villains like Kallus, Inquisitor Grand Moff Tarkin.?Todos or agent they star Star Wars Rebels games, fighting with lightsabers, piloting intergalactic ships, rescuing and helping helpless and prevented the Empire imposes its cruel tyranny by galaxia.?With these Star Wars Rebels games can live exciting adventures as part of famous franchise.