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Piano Games

The piano, one of the most wonderful instruments available to human beings with a musical flair. Elegant, stately, imposing and able to create the most delicious melodies with the help of talent and, of course, the strategic use of the fingers. But the advancement of technology today allows us to what in 1732, the year in which the first specific compositions for piano appeared, was quite unthinkable and impossible: touch it without even touching the keys that make it up. But how would he scandalized ?, Mozart, for simple piano games, in which although you will need to have your little fingers -there are things that do not change over the centuries is not to press anything other than your mouse, computer keyboard or button. And with that, and a little help, knowledge and inclination, you can produce melodious sounds of a Rachmaninov, Chopin, Brendel or a Pablo Sebastian. Well, maybe not so much, but thanks to piano games and composing enjoy delighting with the result of your efforts.