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Pet Games

If you love pets you'll love pet games. We have a lot of pets to attend to, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, horses, ponies or zoo animals such as lions, bears, monkeys and lots more. They need you to give to eat and drink, you clean them, you heal them if they have any injury or illness, you play with them, but above all what they need most is to give them lots of love. And if they are puppies and increase the care they need to take bottles, you control their weight and even much fonder. In our pet games you will feel like a zoo veterinarian attending exotic pets as funny monkeys, precious panda bears, even dangerous rhinos. X-ray beam, put injections, prescription drugs and make the animals in your charge are healthy and happy. There is nothing nicer than caring for pets, they will thank you giving love and being your faithful companions forever.