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Penalty Games

Now is your chance with all these penalty games to prove your aim when placing the ball where no goalkeeper can reach it, and if it's straight to the squad ... have the insured goal!. You have to calculate well your shot, adjusting the direction you want to throw the ball, you must also check the effect or thread you wish to give the ball to make even more difficult to get the catch the goalkeeper and finally the force with you want to hit the ball, but beware, it is not always better the greater the force with which chutes, you may overdo it and the ball ends up in the stands. If you stops the keeper, do not despair, in these penalty games you can keep kicking penalties without limit until you get completely dominate the trajectory of the ball. Perhaps you prefer to wear a goalkeeper while and test your reflexes in stopping the ball? No problem, enfúndate gloves and stand under the posts to the pending free kicks your opponents.