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Mini Golf Games

The minigolf is a variant miniature golf game, which like in golf you have to go hole by hole along the entire route to try to finish making the fewest possible strokes and thus win all your opponents, among all mini golf games we offer you will find all kinds of versions, from the simplest to some thematic versions of the Flintstones, with moving platforms or even spectacular jumps that must be overcome if do not want your ball fall the cliff, you will also find some mini golf games made in 3D which give a greater sense of realism to the game, one of its advantages is that you can move around the course with your mouse to preview the entire route and thus better prepare your strategy . If we were to recommend a game of mini golf certainly that would be the Wonderputt, you will find it easily among the top of the list. With all these mini golf games we offer you hundreds of hours of fun ;-)