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Minecraft is probably the game that arouses more passions today, why ?, because it is the most violent or gory ?. Rather, its appeal lies in its gameplay, which involves not only use that gray matter you have above the eyebrows-what we commonly call brain but also be creative, not to mention the endless possibilities of a game that basically gives you carte blanche to do whatever you want and go wherever you please. Minecraft basically survival. From espabilarte in a world constructed of blocks that, like everything else, has its bad side, its dangers, and we must learn to hide from them or face them with courage. In between, touching collect food and look a roof over their heads before it reaches the cold night. ? The Minecraft games collected here allow you to experience all these experiences, a wonderful cockatil to add zombies, guns, treasure hunts and other extreme sensations. Because, who is bitter sweet ?. These Minecraft games are packed with them, cowboy.