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Nail Games

Make a good manicure is complicated you have to follow many steps you can learn playing in our nail games. First nourishes the skin of the hands or feet in the event that pretend to do a pedicure, then choose the form of nails to shape them with the file, remove cuticles and you're ready for the most fun is to choose the color enamel, drawings, stickers or decorations that go to market. In many of our nail games pedicure or you can also select rings, bracelets, tattoos or sandals that give the finishing touch to your work. Or be the stylist of celebrities like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and many more, they need your help to look perfect hands and most striking. But there are also other types of manicure sets in which you must run a salon in which different treatments such as massages, waxing and facials in addition to arranging hands and feet become your customers.