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Lego City Games

Stop in the middle of a street in your city for a while and see the things that unfold before your eyes. Large cities are a constant buzz of activity. Every corner has its own history. If we place this principle to the environment that inhabit the Lego figures, ie, the Lego City, the thing gets out of hand completely, because entities as common as the fruit bowl, the waitress, the traffic cop or student, we must add other somewhat atypical as legendary superhero, futuristic vehicles and many more follies. In the Lego City no room for routine and boredom, as there is not in Lego City games. ? For all that, among the various tasks you have to solve based stoke buttons, are from constructing buildings or parks based on blocks of bright colors, to hunt criminals, to get a red cape and fly out there helping figurines danger.? In Lego City games out for a walk means to live an adventure.