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Lego Games

Today the famous toy company Lego is no longer just synonymous with plastic, it can also be enjoyed in other formats such as film, television and, yes, lego games. The good of its characteristic yellow and short cartoons is that they are perfectly adaptable to any genre and character, which goes a long way when it comes to entertainment online. Legos can be jungle adventurers, all-powerful robots, superheroes soldiers, ninjas with or without shell or also ordinary people besieged by tasks and problems, ordinary. Read builders, traffic wardens or nurses hospital. The range of gameplay possibilities are infinite open covering all sorts of topics with a single purpose, aesthetic (the characteristic Lego blocks) and say that spiritual, ie the healthiest fun, not without humor, action and why no?, educational elements for the kids.? Lego games ready to be enjoyed. Changes the physical blocks by virtual, also called pixels, and do not leave for later.