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Ever After High Games

Fairy tales usually end with that of "happily ever after" something that can translate to "married, had offspring and never was evil nimio roll in their stocks." Okay, sneaks, but what about the children ?, what happened to them ?. Well, that's the question that cares to answer the ever after high series, which takes place in a school located in the fairyland to attending all those descendants of illustrious parents. Apple White, the daughter of Snow White, Ashlynn She of Cinderella or Cedar Wood, the Pinocchio, are some of the students of Ever After High.?Y are also the protagonists of a handful of Ever After High games where you can choose your dazzling costumes, to let them make them up pretty well, atusarles hair or make them go through the "spa" in order to de-stress, that to have such legendary parents exhausted to anyone. To anyone but you, in these Ever After High games evasion mine have at your disposal.