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BMX Games

Have you ever seen a BMX in action ?. They are incredible. They climb obstacles, giving spectacular jumps in the air and turn on themselves in continuous and relentless challenge to gravity. Although read so it may seem, the BMX are not machines of the future, not super-robots ready for battle, not even the best kept secret of an evil corporation. They are bicycles. Not simple, nor common, but bikes after all. The catalog of tricks that can uploaded to a BMX is unpayable: Bunny Hop, Barspin, Tailwhip or Rollback. What do ?, nothing, nothing, I definitely fun !!. As an extreme sport that is, you have to take precautions before with BMX games. So put on your helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and gloves, activate your favorite device and to fly !. Bunny Hopea, Barspinea, Tailwhipea, Rollbackea and, when in doubt, buy a dictionary of English / Spanish. Plays BMX Bike Moto Cross games, action games, adventure and excitement !. Dales cane or ... parked bike.