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Baby Hazel Games

Baby Hazel is a charming blonde baby large, expressive brown eyes and virtual source whose area of ​​the locate action in online games with a couple of clear purpose: to entertain and love. But Baby Hazel is not a shoot anyone, not enough to spend the day lying in his crib making "gu gu ga ga" that goes !, her what she likes is to learn, play and live all kinds of exciting experiences, although apparently they are the most common, as you'll see if you dare to try these Baby Hazel games so nice. For Baby Hazel all a great adventure, either go out and play the park or shopping, brushing teeth, combing hair, grow, cook, change look or order teddies shelf. Even things apparently so unattractive-but necessary- as well go to the doctor or dentist, become matter of fun and pleasure with the help of Baby Hazel games and her natural gift for tenderness.